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Twilio Changelog

Additions and changes to the Twilio platform

We have updated all Flex projects that use Automatic Updates to Flex UI 1.19.

This Flex UI release brings the following new features to Flex:

  • Support for using Yarn as a package manager: Developers can manage their project dependencies using Yarn package manager. Yarn is now supported in the client libraries Flex UI 1.19 and Flex WebChat UI 2.4. Yarn can be used by updating any plugins to use the latest version of the Flex Plugin Builder. Visit our Yarn documentation for more details.
  • Data sorting for Real-time Queues View: Developers have more control over the sorting and customization options for columns they add to the Real-time Queues View. You can learn more about this feature within our documentation.
  • Handlebars dependency upgrade: We have upgraded Handlebars to 4.7.3 to fix critical security vulnerabilities exposed in previous versions of Handlebars. This may be a breaking change if you use certain undocumented Handlebars features. You can find more information about this change in the Handlebars changelog.
  • Flex UI and WebChat API Reference: API references describe all available public interfaces, methods and properties. Refer to the Flex UI API Reference and Webchat API Reference for more details. This is currently available as a Pilot feature.

For a full changelog, visit client libraries release notes:

Flex UI 1.19

Flex WebChat 2.4

Reminder: You can pin to individual versions of the Flex UI or manage your Automatic Updates within the Flex Admin UI.