Twilio Changelog

Additions and changes to the Twilio platform

We have updated all Flex projects that use Automatic Updates to Flex UI 1.22.

This release of Flex UI and WebChat UI introduces the public beta version of chat attachments. Chat attachments now include drag-n-drop for your files, and you can compose a single message with both text and an attachment. For a complete overview of the feature and developer guides to programmatically customize the experience, check out the chat attachment docs.

Other notable changes: 

  • Flex WebChat UI CDN bundle size has been reduced to 390kb.
  • Real-time Queues View is now enabled for all accounts. For more details on this feature, visit our Real-time Queues View docs.

For a full changelog, visit client libraries release notes:

Flex UI 1.22 

Flex Webchat 2.6

Reminder: You can pin to individual versions of the Flex UI or manage your Automatic Updates within the Flex Admin UI.