Twilio Changelog

Additions and changes to the Twilio platform

Programmable Voice

Announcing Twilio’s Native Integration with Dialogflow ES Beta

Today we are announcing the Public Beta launch of the native integration between Twilio Programmable Voice and Dialogflow Essentials (ES). With this integration you can bring the power of conversational AI to your Twilio calls to provide rich and natural caller experiences within your Twilio IVR.  This integration is powered by a new TwiML <VirtualAgent> which is also available as a Connect Virtual Agent Studio Widget. When executed, they connect a Twilio call to your configured Dialogflow ES Agent. 

To get started, select Twilio as a “One-Click” telephony partner on the Dialogflow ES console and finish with selecting one or more Twilio phone numbers to associate with your Dialogflow ES agent. Callers calling into those numbers will then be connected directly to Dialogflow. You can always use TwiML and Studio to modify the call flow.

Learn more about the integration, <VirtualAgent> TwiML, and the Connect Virtual Agent Studio Widget.