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Twilio Changelog

Additions and changes to the Twilio platform

Programmable Voice

Bi-directional Streaming support with Media Streams GA

Twilio Media Streams is now bi-directional. Developers can now stream audio from their own or third party apps back to Twilio enabling use cases such as conversational IVR, integrations with a regional provider for custom Text-to-Speech, and a lot more. This builds on existing support for forking the audio stream of your Programmable Voice calls in real-time and sending the stream to the destination of your choosing to build use cases such as real-time transcriptions, voice authentication, sentiment analysis, speech analytics, and more.

Bi-directional streaming with <Connect> <Stream> TwiML is a synchronous API, giving developers full control over the phone call. In addition, the new <Connect><Stream> API supports new event messages such as Mark and Clear allowing you to build barge-in functionality from within your application.

Check out connect-basic for basic use of the bi-directional streaming API. To learn more about building a conversational IVR using Dialogflow and using mark & clear to implement barge-in functionality, please visit Dialogflow integration GitHub code sample.