Twilio Changelog

Additions and changes to the Twilio platform

Control what notifications you receive from Twilio GA

You and your team can now control who receives what critical communications from Twilio.

Earlier, we were sending emails like developer updates and pricing changes to the account owner.
Now, we will let you decide what notifications you want to receive, through role based access control. 

As the Owner or Administrator of your account, you can customize which roles in your organization will receive each of these five types of Twilio notifications

  • Pricing Updates: Updates to product prices and rates
  • Regulatory and Compliance Alerts: Alerts on regulatory and compliance issues/requests
  • Developer Updates: Updates to Twilio APIs, helper libraries and other developer tools
  • Legal and Privacy Updates: Updates to our legal terms, such as a our Terms of Service or Privacy Notices
  • Security and Fraud Alerts: Warnings about active fraudulent attacks and potential security vulnerabilities

As the Developer, Billing Manager, or Support person, you can manage the notifications that the Owner or Administrator of your account has already opted you into. 

Start managing your notification preferences now.

Check out this blogpost to learn more about managing your notifications. 

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