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Twilio Changelog

Additions and changes to the Twilio platform

The Messaging area in the Flex Console is fully overhauled, both in terms of design as well as backend implementation. This improves usability and aesthetics of the Administrator experience, as well as fixes some long-standing issues.

Find the new UI under Flex > Manage > Messaging.

Notable changes include:

  • The UI is restructured between multiple tabs for easier navigation and reduced clutter. Find the improved version of "Unregistered numbers" in the SMS Numbers tab.
  • All Addresses (aka Flex Flows) can be created via the Create Address form. Additionally, SMS Addresses can be created via the SMS Numbers tab.
  • WebChat addresses can now also be created via the UI.
  • When creating new SMS Addresses, phone numbers can now be searched (by entire number or by partial search).
  • The new UI is not affected by the issue of registered numbers sometimes showing up as unregistered.