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Twilio Changelog

Additions and changes to the Twilio platform

Flex has supported only inbound voice flows natively so far. For outbound capability, either you had to build the Dialpad yourself, use the experimental dialpad, or use one of the community-supported plugins. With this update, Flex now offers native outbound dialing ability right from the Flex UI.

With the Flex Dialpad:

  • Agents can call customers directly from Flex and associate it with a relevant queue for reporting. 
  • Agents can call customers while in an unavailable state, allowing them to remain uninterrupted from incoming tasks.
  • While on an outbound call, agents can initiate either Warm Transfer or Cold Transfer to another agent or supervisor.
  • Supervisors can monitor outbound calls.
  • Outbound calls will be presented both in real-time and historical reporting in Flex. 
  • Developers can build click-to-dial use cases using the programmability offered through the new StartOutboundCall Action.

The Flex Dialpad is a part of the Flex UI and offers all of the theming and customizability features of a React component.

For more details, visit our announcement blog post and the Dialpad documentation.

You can get your hands on the Flex Dialpad now by upgrading your Flex Instance to v1.18 and then enabling Flex Dialpad in your Flex Settings in Twilio Console.