Twilio Changelog

Additions and changes to the Twilio platform

This release of Flex UI introduces Chat and Messaging Transcripts for Flex Insights. Supervisors can now open a historical chat or messaging conversation from Flex Insights and see its content. While viewing the content, it is also possible to comment and assess these conversations.

Other notable changes:

  • New Actions to programmatically send DTMF tones when there is an active voice connection.
  • Flex Insights screens are accessible from top-level Flex navigation.
  • Flex Insights Player opens directly within the dashboard instead of opening in a separate window. This significantly improves the speed with which you can scan through multiple calls or chats.
  • You can now attach references to 3rd-party web content related to conversations – such as CRM records – and open these directly in Flex Insights.

For a full changelog, visit the Flex UI release notes.