Twilio Changelog

Additions and changes to the Twilio platform

This release of Flex UI and WebChat UI introduces a pilot release of image and file sharing for chat channels in Flex. Agents and webchat users can now share images, documents, and other files during a chat conversation. Visit our web chat documentation for more details and steps to enable this feature.

Other notable changes in this release:

  • Notification to signal connectivity issues - Users will now be notified if Flex UI has lost network connectivity and is trying to reconnect.

Connection notification.png

  • Initialization error page - If Flex UI encounters an error during initialization, users will now see details of the error and they can download a report which will provide technical details for troubleshooting.


  • FlexError class - Developers can use a new API to unify the experience when working with Flex exceptions.

For more details on this release, please visit the release notes for Flex UI and WebChat UI.