Twilio Changelog

Additions and changes to the Twilio platform

This release of Flex UI introduces an improved troubleshooting experience for Flex UI users. Troubleshooting and fixing any issues starts with understanding their cause and getting additional context about the issues. Users of Flex UI will now be able to get error notifications via a Debugger UI and will be able to download a report with full error descriptions and logs. 


Debugger UI is now in Pilot and can be enabled for your account using a feature flag

Flex UI developers will now be able to retrieve errors and logs programmatically to implement customized error monitoring and reporting.

import { Monitor } from "@twilio/flex-ui";

Monitor.getErrors(); // returns { errors: [Monitor.FlexErrorJSON] }
Monitor.getLogs(); // returns { logs: 'string' }

To learn more about Flex UI troubleshooting, Debugger UI, and programmatic access to errors and logs, visit our Flex docs.

Other notable changes:

  • Flex WebChat UI 2.8 is released with fixes to several markdown issues
  • Initial audio device check (previously in Pilot release) is now in GA and will be enabled by default for all accounts 

For more details on this release, please visit the release notes for Flex UI and WebChat UI.