Twilio Changelog

Additions and changes to the Twilio platform

We have released significant updates for our mobile SDKs and added Chrome on iOS support to our JavaScript SDK. 

The Chromium WebRTC engine in the iOS & Android SDKs has been upgraded from m83 to m88. In addition to the security and performance improvements, these mobile SDKs now use the newer “unified plan” WebRTC signaling protocol, which provides improved browser compatibility in P2P and Go Rooms. The iOS SDK has added support for running the iOS Simulator on Apple Silicon ARM64 Macs. There is a major version increment for the Android SDK to 7.0 and the minimum Android API level has been increased from 16 to 21.

The 2.17 JavaScript SDK now supports the Google Chrome browser on iOS versions 14.3 and above. 

For a full description of all the changes, see the Android SDK 7.0 changelog, iOS SDK 4.6 changelog and JavaScript SDK 2.17