Twilio Changelog

Additions and changes to the Twilio platform

Programmable Voice

New Filters in Voice Insights Dashboard GA

We have added new filter dimensions to the Voice Insights Dashboard. The new filters are:

 Filter Description
 Client Name  Registered Client name; e.g. client:alice. Voice SDK calls only. 
 SIP URI SIP URI; e.g. sip:bob@pbx.ip. SIP Interface and Elastic SIP Trunking calls only.
 Network Affected Carrier, SIP, or Trunking calls tagged with jitter, packet loss, or latency.
 Network Affected (SDK)

 Voice SDK calls tagged with jitter, packet loss, or latency. Twilio Voice SDK calls only.

 Browser Browser used for WebRTC calls. Twilio Client JavaScript SDK only.
 SDK Type JavaScript, iOS, or Android. Twilio Voice SDK calls only. 
 SDK Version Twilio SDK version number. Twilio Voice SDK calls only.
 Client Registration Region The Twilio region where the Client was registered. Twilio Voice SDK calls only.
 Twilio Media Region The GLL region where the Twilio gateway handled media.
 Client IP The IP address of the Client user. Twilio Voice SDK calls only

These new filters allow for highly precise results from Dashboard investigations. For example, you can now find calls to Canada placed from the United States using Voice SDK version 4.0 on iOS where the network quality issues were detected and the Client registration region was gll but the media region that handled the call was in Japan. Once filtered you can view the detailed call summary and metrics in Console or export the list of calls that matched this criteria for analysis.

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