Twilio Changelog

Additions and changes to the Twilio platform

We have added new properties to the Task resources and the TaskQueue Statistics API in TaskRouter, to enhance TaskQueue insights in scenarios when tasks are transferred to another TaskQueue.

The TaskRouter Task resource now has a new property task_queue_entered_date, which captures the time when the task entered its current TaskQueue.

The TaskRouter TaskQueue Statistics API has three new properties, LongestRelativeTaskSidInQueue and LongestRelativeTaskAgeInQueue, which provide the task SID of the task waiting in the TaskQueue the longest and its relative age in the TaskQueue, respectively. 
WaitDurationInQueueUntilAccepted provides relative wait duration in the TaskQueue stats (avg, min, max, total) for tasks that were accepted while in this TaskQueue.

To learn more about the new Task field, please refer to our documentation on Task properties.
To learn more about the new TaskQueue Statistics API fields, please refer to our documentation on TaskQueue Real-time Statistics and TaskQueue Cumulative Statistics.