Twilio Changelog

Additions and changes to the Twilio platform

Programmable Voice

New Properties in Voice Insights API Responses GA

Voice Insights Call Summary API responses now include new properties for calls placed using the Twilio Voice SDKs. The new fields are:

 Property Description Represents the count of events by severity for the call Represents the count of events by the event group Represents the error code and number of occurrences Represents the user feedback gathered from the SDK
 sdk_edge.metrics.inbound.audio_out Represents the avg/max level for speaker audio
 sdk_edge.metrics.inbound.audio_in Represents the avg/max level for microphone audio
 sdk_edge.metrics.outbound.codec_name Friendly name of the RTP codec for the call
 sdk_edge.metrics.outbound.codec RTP profile number of the codec for the call Direction of the call from the perspective of the SDK Indicates whether DSCP was enabled Indicates if ICE restart was enabled

Voice Insights Metrics API now includes:

 Property Description
 sdk_edge.interval.packets_loss_percentage Represents the percentage of packets lost during the sampling window