Twilio Changelog

Additions and changes to the Twilio platform

With this release, Studio Gather Input On Call widget now supports additional speech recognition features so you can fine-tune your Studio Flows for Voice. The new attributes allow you to adjust the Speech Timeout, specify a Speech Model, and control the Profanity Filter setting. All this functionality is powered by the underlying Gather verb from our Programmable Voice product.

In addition to the Gather improvements, the Record Voicemail widget now provides controls for the Trim Silence and Play Beep settings and even provides access to the Recording Status Callback URL so your application can be notified when a new recording is complete.

Finally, the Say/Play widget supports sending Digits on a call when the Play option is selected, allowing you to programmatically play DTMF tones to navigate an external IVR.

To learn more, visit the documentation on the Gather widget, Recording widget, and Say/Play widget, or just try it out now in Studio.