Twilio Changelog

Additions and changes to the Twilio platform

Super SIM Usage Records can now be filtered to show usage incurred on a single Super SIM, Fleet, Network (e.g. AT&T US, Telstra) or within a single country (e.g. United States, Australia).  You can combine those filters with others to do complex filtering such as getting the usage for a single SIM on a single Network, or all SIMs within a Fleet.

You can also now group Usage Records around a resource type (e.g. Super SIMs, Fleets, Networks, or Countries) within the response data.  For example, if you group your Usage Records by Super SIM, each record will contain the aggregated usage per Super SIM over the requested period. You can use this to efficiently pull usage for large fleets without having to make separate API calls for each resource.  You can combine groupings with different filters to make complex requests like:

  • How much data did each of my Super SIMs use within a particular Fleet yesterday?
  • How much data did each of my Super SIMs use in France in the last 30 days?
  • How much data did my Super SIMs use on each Network in Argentina last week?
  • How much data did each of my Fleets use on AT&T in the United States in the last 3 days?