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Programmable Voice

Updates to Twilio <Pay> TwiML request parameters GA

POST request for Twilio <Pay>, once it has successfully tokenized or created a charge, includes the following updates:

  • A new parameter called ProfileId - the identifier of the customer object to which the collected payment method is associated. Depending on your connector, this can be used as a token. This value was previously in the PaymentToken parameter if your <Pay> connector is CardConnect, Stripe, or Chase.
  • An updated value in the PaymentToken parameter (depending on your connector) - the tokenized value of the payment method. 

These changes provide you context and transparency on the value being returned by your selected <Pay> connector when the payment method is tokenized. 

If you are already using <Pay>, these changes will not impact you right away. Learn more about the ProfileId, PaymentToken, and their values by <Pay> Connector here