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Twilio Changelog

Additions and changes to the Twilio platform


Verified nonprofit and government entities are eligible to receive special benefits when registering for U.S. A2P 10DLC. At the time of U.S. A2P Brand creation, customers registering using the nonprofit or government company types will be automatically vetted in the background to check if the Brand's info provided matches a registered tax exempt entity in IRS records. Confirmation of nonprofit or government status determines qualification for special use cases (e.g. Charity/501(c)(3), Political) and their associated benefits — discounted carrier fees and increased messaging limits. For comprehensive information on U.S. A2P registration for nonprofit and government entities, please see this guide.

The Twilio Console has been updated to increase the visibility of whether nonprofit and government status has been confirmed during A2P Brand registration. After registering with these Brand types, customers will see a 'Nonprofit Status' or 'Government Status' section of the A2P Message Limits screen of the 10DLC registration wizard. This section will communicate whether the Brand has been confirmed as a verified nonprofit or government entity, along with a description of what benefits are unlocked for that specific entity type. Previously, this information was only available via Twilio's ISV APIs (tax_exempt_status for nonprofits, and government_entity for governments). 

Available statuses for nonprofit and government entities are below. Note that brands that are not verified are able to work with our support team to manually confirm their tax exempt status by providing supporting documentation — a process that is facilitated by this new Console functionality.

Nonprofit Brand Statuses

  • 501(c)(3): Unlocks Charity/501(c)(3) special use case
  • 501(c)(4), 501(c)(5), or 501(c)(6): Unlocks Political special use case 
  • 501(c)(7): No special benefits at this time
  • 527 Political Organization (Federal, State, & Local): Unlocks Political special use case + uncapped T-Mobile daily message limit
  • Not verified: Automated check was not able to confirm Brand as a nonprofit.

Government Brand Statuses

  • Government entity: Unlocks uncapped T-Mobile daily message limit and 75 MPS on AT&T irrespective of use case
  • Not verified: Automated check was not able to confirm Brand as a government entity.