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Twilio Changelog

Additions and changes to the Twilio platform

The new Usage by Fleet, by Country, and by Network tabs in Super SIM Insights provide even more ways to aggregate and analyze your Super SIM usage data. 

  • In Usage by Fleet, quickly identify how much data usage your most active Fleets have incurred over a user-specified time period. 
  • In Usage by Country and by Network, quickly pinpoint which countries and networks your Super SIMs have exchanged the most data with.

All tables also include a 3-dot icon on the rightmost column. This icon opens a dropdown menu that allows you to “drill down” on that particular row. Clicking on an entry in the dropdown takes you to the corresponding tab within Usage Insights and simultaneously applies that row as an additional filter.

Access the new Usage Insights by Fleet, by Country, and by Network tabs in Console via Monitor > Insights > Super SIM.