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Programmable Voice

User-to-User Information (UUI) Header GA

Do you remember a time, when you called customer service for assistance. You reached Agent A from department 1 who collects your call related information like name, account number, phone number, and so on. Then realizes that they have to transfer the call to agent B in department 2. Now agent B asks you to provide the same information before they could help. This experience is painful and without having the context of the call it takes longer than expected to solve the issues. With User-to-User Information (UUI) header, you as a customer will only need to provide the information once! With this new feature, agents will be able to send and receive contextual information of the call over SIP-Interface using UUI header.

UUI header can be used in other SIP call scenarios such as 

  1. Regular call between UserA and UserB.
  2. When the call is redirected or forwarded. 
  3. When the call is transferred from one agent to another.

For details please refer to our Sending-sip, Receiving-sip, Custom headers, Support page