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Twilio Changelog

Additions and changes to the Twilio platform

The Virtual Agent for Google DialogFlow CX is now available in public beta. This connector supports integration with Google’s DialogFlow CX edition benefiting from its advanced functionalities such as detecting the welcome intent, barge-in, DTMF, support for multiple languages, custom voice models, status callbacks that contain sentiment scores, intents triggered, call status, etc. 

After this release, we have 2 connectors available for customers based on their needs - Virtual Agent connector for Google DialogFlow ES and Virtual Agent connector for Google DialogFlow CX/CCAI connector.

In order to access Google DialogFlow CX capabilities, create a new Dialogflow CX agent in your Google Cloud Platform (GCP) project, and grant Twilio service account permissions to execute the virtual agent through Google’s one-click integration feature which allows for easier onboarding of Dialogflow CX Connector containing agent details. You can then connect your Twilio phone number to the Studio widget or TwiML to invoke the Dialogflow CX Virtual Agent.

More information available here.

Learn more about this feature in our API docs.