Twilio Changelog

Additions and changes to the Twilio platform

Network and Audio Warnings

Network degradation warnings were previously only logged to Insights. With this release, a new Call.Listener callback method onCallQualityWarningsChanged(Call call, Set<CallQualityWarnings> currentWarnings, Set<CallQualityWarnings> previousWarnings) is invoked when the SDK detects those degradations. Use these to relay network conditions to the user in order to provide better user experience or for debugging purposes. See the callback method and CallQualityWarnings for more information.

Mean Opinion Score (MOS)

This release also adds the Mean Opinion Score (MOS)  measurement to StatsReport. Use Call.getStats() during a call to retrieve the score. Since the MOS is calculated from network performance measurements, it can be used to indicate the current network condition to the user to provide better usability. 

Edge Locations

This release includes support for the expansion of Twilio’s Global Infrastructure via Edge Locations which allows customers to control their connectivity into and out of Twilio’s platform. The Voice Android SDK uses these Edges to connect to Twilio’s infrastructure via the new property Voice.edge. This new property supersedes the now deprecated Voice.region. See the new Edge names and how they map to the old region names.

Release Information

Download Programmable Voice Android SDK 5.3 [bintray].

See the Android quickstart for an example of how to use these new API

See API docs for more information about this new API