Twilio Changelog

Additions and changes to the Twilio platform

Twilio Edge Locations

This release includes support for the expansion of Twilio’s Global Infrastructure via Edge Locations which allows connectivity control into and out of Twilio’s platform. The Voice Client JS SDK uses these Edges to connect to Twilio’s infrastructure via the new parameter Twilio.Device.Options.edge. This new parameter supersedes the now deprecated Twilio.Device.Options.region. See Twilio.Device.Options.edge API documentation for more information.


const device = new Device(token, { edge: 'ashburn' });

Support for Edge Fallback (Beta)

Deployments designed to connect to multiple Twilio Edge locations can take advantage of the new fallback mechanism. To enable the edge fallback, specify an array of edge names via Twilio.Device.Options.edge. When enabled and a connection failure is encountered, the SDK will reattempt the connection to the next Edge location in the array. For more details about how the fallback works, see the Edge fallback documentation.


const device = new Device(token, { edge: ['ashburn-ix', 'san-jose-ix', 'roaming' ] });

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