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Programmable Voice

Voice Insights Tagging Changes for SDK calls GA

Voice Insights has updated the jitter and packet loss thresholds for Voice SDK calls to reduce the number of false positives and improve the diagnostic capability of Voice Insights data. 

Previously tags were applied to Voice SDK calls in response to network and audio warning events fired by the SDK. We have updated the tagging scheme for these calls to use the same thresholds as our gateway metrics for jitter and packet loss, and to use the cumulative metrics for the entire call instead of samples.

As a result of these changes consumers of the Voice Insights Call Summary API should expect to see a significant reduction in the number of calls tagged with SDK edge tags.

Note: the SDK events will continue to fire at the previously defined thresholds, and the events will continue to be sent to Voice Insights Event stream. This allows application developers to continue to provide the same level of proactive notification and prescriptive instruction in their applications to ensure optimal call quality.