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Programmable Voice

Voice JS SDK 2.0 GA GA

Twilio Voice Javascript SDK 2.0 is now GA! Thank you to all our beta users and for all the feedback you sent us during the beta period.

Twilio Voice Javascript SDK 2.0 represents a much-needed spring cleaning of legacy APIs, including:

  • Removing deprecated methods
  • Renaming classes and methods to be less ambiguous
  • Implementing new features introduced in 1.x as defaults
  • Completely moving to the new TwilioError class which is standardized between Voice SDKs and contains much more detailed information about errors
  • Full changelog available here

Additionally, new features will only be added to the 2.0 project going forward (e.g. not backported to 1.x) so you’ll want to migrate to this new major version to take advantage. 

If migrating from a 1.x version, please refer to our migration guide.

To get started with Twilio Voice JS, check our Getting Started Guide