Hackers and Doers

The winners


Twiliocon brought developers from around the US to SF to pitch their products for the Twiliofund and hack apps late into the night.

Custard makes a simple customer support platform that lets you add a call center to any of your websites. Team Members are Christian Fernandez @chriszf, Robbie Trencheny @robbie, David J. Phillips @davjphillips, Jesse Sung @357jesse

Sidebox Nearby Network makes a simple way to find currently available local service providers, like plumbers and electricians. Team Members are Barry Harkness and Billy Coover.

Yap.io lets you submit questions at a conference via an iPhone app, make a voice recording, and let the presenter play it back on stage using the event audio system (would be quite useful for TwilioCon!). Team Members are Bryan Moyles, Matt Williamson, Eli Finkelman, Meir Cohen

Qwestioned was a runner up for the grand prize. They add a voice element to Q&A websites to facilitate more realtime interaction. Team Members are Ryan Resella @ryanres

Betwext Talk is SMS between browser and phone – real time update thanks to pusher – caller ID on the phone from NumberGuru. Team Members are Jonathan Kressaty @kressaty, Chuck Reynolds @chuckreynolds, Scott Yacko @scottmyacko, Chris Conrey @conrey – all of VUURR @vuurr

SportsSignup.com sends out notifications to all your team members to see if they're going to make it to your game or practice. Team Members are Francis Spor, Anthony Bruno

PresenTweet - Tweets for you while you're giving a presentation. As you edit your presentation, you can save tweets you want sent as you move to a new slide. Team Members are Thomas Karren.


Muzikfinder won the Eventbrite prize to find local music near you.

SMS Monkey

SMS Monkey 3D won of the Apigee prize. The app lets you interact with a cute 3D monkey using text messages.


Hackathon finalists demoed their apps and answered questions before Paul Singh of 500 Startups, Alastair Goldfisher of Thomson Reuters, and Manu Kumar of K9 Ventures.

First Choice

TalkDesk enables companies to build cloud-based call centers for providing customer support integrated with existing support and CRM systems like Zendesk and Highrise. “Presenting our company to investors on stage at the Twilio Conference was an incredible experience,” said Tiago Paiva, CEO of Talkdesk. “This investment from the Twilio Fund will make it possible for us to grow our company and launch our product into beta.”

People's Choice

Remind101 is a safe way for teachers to text message students and stay in touch with parents.

Runner up

Mobonics customer feedback surveys and rewards via mobile phones.


TeenDriver is a parent-focused, community-based resource for the parents of teen drivers. License plate frames and decals on a teen’s car allow the community to provide confidential feedback about his/her driving.

CallMeMeeting Meeting makes it easy to schedule conference calls that everyone is sure to attend, because instead of calling into a conference line, the conference line calls you.

BlueFusion enables cause-based organizations to conduct truly social outreach and fundraising.