Freemium to Premium Business Models

How do you get customers to get spend more money? How do you increase in-game engagement? How do you increase engagement outside of the game? How do you leverage social media to increase the visibility of your app? Want answers to these questions? Watch this panel.


Roger Dean Huffstetler, Director of Publishing

Roger works in Sales at Twilio. He's trying to push into new areas for Twilio, like gaming, ecommerce, and call centers. Previously, Roger was a U.S. Marine and worked in aviation operations. Favorite pastime: college football.

Henry Oh, Director of Business Development

Henry Oh is the Director of Business Development for Outblaze Ventures and its mobile apps division (animoca). He has a J.D. from Stanford Law School and an M.Sc. in Media Communications Regulations and Policy from LSE.

Rob Carroll, Strategic Sales Manager

Rob Carroll is the Director of Publishing for Tapjoy, where he manages the publishing activities for the company and advises game developers of all sizes in the best practices for their monetization, game mechanics and viral distribution.

Tan Tran, Director of Web Development

Tan Tran is Director of Web Development and co-founder of GameSalad. Before helping everyone bring their video games to life, he helped people find hotel rooms at as a lead developer. He dreams of one day zeroing out his Netflix queue.