Experience the Hackathon

47 hacks, 6 hours, 12 sponsors

The judging was a difficult feat with so many incredible apps submitted, but the apps below stood out with exceptional technical valor. You can find all of the TwilioCon 2012 Hackathon projects here on HackerLeague. Thanks to our panel of judges Jeff Lawson, Twilio Co-founder and CEO, Craig Kitterman, Windows Azure Sr. Technical Product Manager, and Patrick McKenzie, Kalzumeus Founder & CEO.

Hackathon 2012 Winners

Best Overall Hacks

First place for overall hack


First place went to DialTalent, built by Ricky Robinett, Hannah Robinett and Josh Reznick. DialTalent offers businesses a faster way for to launch recruiting campaigns by interviewing candidates via IVR, as wells as managing and prioritizing the results.

Second place for overall hack


Second place went to TextAngels, built by Jeremy Baker and Chad Sakonchick. TextAngels is a SMS hotline for people in hard situations who need to reach out and talk or text someone.