Keynotes Day[2] - Mitch Kapor

Mitch Kapor was a Woodstock concert go-er, a Radio DJ, and a meditation teacher before he became an entrepreneur. Everything changed with the advent of the PC. “I went from unemployed, to consultant, to software developer, to entrepreneur.” After Kapor founded Lotus Software and built a wildly successful business, he refocused his business to build for good.

Mitch Kapor

Co-Chair, Kapor Center for Social Impact

Mitch is a pioneer of the personal computing industry. He is the founder of Lotus Development Corporation and the designer of the Lotus 1-2-3 spreadsheet, the """"killer app"""" which made the PC ubiquitous in business in the 1980s. Currently, Mitch is the co-Chair of Kapor Center for Social Impact in Oakland, California, which is relentlessly pursuing creative strategies to leverage tech for positive, progressive change. Through the Kapor Capital Impact Fund, Mitch is an active investor in double bottom line seed stage tech companies. He is a Director of the Level Playing Field Institute, which works to increase fairness in education and the workplace by closing the opportunity gap and removing barriers to success. LPFI operates the Summer Math and Science Honors Academy (SMASH), which prepares students from under-represented communities to be competitive in science, technology, engineering, and math-related studies at top universities. Previously, Mitch co-founded of the Electronic Frontier Foundation, which protects freedom and privacy on the Internet, and served as the founding Chair of the Mozilla Foundation. Mitch's investments include UUNET, Real Networks, Linden Lab, Uber, Twilio, and Asana.