Know thy customers

Todd Fisher, the CEO of CallTrackingMetrics, originally set out to found a web design firm. He built a thriving business helping his clients set up shop on the Internet. His clients were successful, too. In fact, they were so successful at attracting online leads that they turned to Fisher to help them solve another problem — they wanted to identify the customers who were calling the phone numbers on their websites.

One of Fisher’s employees began researching call tracking solutions, but everything she found was too expensive and too complex. Instead of a stand-alone solution, she learned that call tracking was frequently included as part of larger, rather expensive, marketing packages that Fisher’s clients didn’t require. With this in mind, Fisher decided to build a call tracking application that exactly met his clients’ needs.

After initial trials with another communications platform, Fisher moved his application to Twilio because of Twilio’s reputation for reliability. “There were a lot of quality issues with the first platform we were building on,” Fisher said. “The phone conversations were really grainy, and we had a lot of outages. The main issues we faced were unexplained and unexpected outages that could not be resolved. The API also appeared limited compared to Twilio.”
Fisher built an initial prototype on Twilio in just half a day. Two months later, he had a full-fledged solution. And, he’s been easily adding features and functionality ever since.

“Since moving to Twilio in 2010 we've had no outages," explains Fisher. “Twilio is much more solid than the previous platform we were using. In addition, It was significantly easier for us to build on; we had confidence that it was going to work, and it has." It’s not just the platform that has been great it’s also the support team.

The true ROI of ads

The demand for Fisher’s call tracking service grew so quickly that after a year he decided to spin it out as a separate company, which he named CallTrackingMetrics.

In a competitive space, CallTrackingMetrics gained market share by offering companies — and the advertising agencies that served them — information they craved.

For example, companies finally learned the total number of conversions they were getting from their Google AdWords campaigns, including phone calls. One of Fisher’s clients had been tracking ten conversions a month from customers who clicked on a paid search ad and then filled out a form on the client’s website. After the client started using CallTrackingMetrics, they were able to see that same ad was also generating an average of 350 phone calls a month, demonstrating the real value of that advertising campaign.

CallTrackingMetrics also offers competitive features like call recording, whisper messages, real-time call status and caller ID data, as well as seamless integration with Google Analytics, Google AdWords, Salesforce CRM, KISSMetrics Highrise CRM, Sugar CRM, Zoho CRM and HubSpot.

“The magical thing is associating website visitors with phone callers,” Fisher said. “We have more comprehensive reports than our competitors do. [Our customers] come to us for the matched keywords and the great reporting.”

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