Getting the message there on time

When it comes to building trust in a hosting service, up-time and reliability are critical. Customers rely on Media Temple to communicate quickly and professionally whenever an issue arises that may impact the availability of their websites. Media Temple customer service must proactively contact customers via whatever communication channel will reach them the fastest.

An urgent issue required emergency downtime that would impact hundreds of Media Temple customers, all of whom needed notification within a few hours. The Media Temple customer service team felt it was important to reach each customer individually, but the size and scope of the task was daunting.

"We could have used our customer support representatives to accomplish this task," explains Andrew Won, VP of Customer Service for Media Temple. "But that would have taken significant resources and left our support team understaffed."

Luckily, a member of the Media Temple engineering team recalled hearing about Twilio. "Within 15 minutes of looking at the Twilio website, one of our engineers had an ‘aha' moment," Andrew explains. "He suggested that we could use Twilio to build a simple application to place hundreds of simultaneous automated calls to our customers."

Media Temple's engineers built the app within an hour. For a personal touch, they included an option during the recorded call that allowed recipients to connect directly to a member of their support team. "We started placing calls at 1:00pm that same day, and by 3:00pm all of the customers had been contacted," Andrew says.

With this simple voice application Media Temple quickly provided the level of high-touch personalized customer service its customers have come to expect.

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