Paiva drew from his personal experience working with existing call center solutions in Portugal, which were expensive and time consuming to manage. The idea of a cloud-based alternative evolved in his mind until the opportunity to participate in the Twilio contest gave him a means to make it a reality.

Talkdesk’s objectives for their service were straightforward:

Although predisposed to Twilio through the contest and Twilio Fund, the Talkdesk team researched other alternative services. They remained with Twilio because it provided all the voice, SIP, and SMS features that they required, had an established infrastructure track record, would scale to match their needs as well as those of their customers, and offered SMS-enabled phone numbers worldwide.


Talkdesk’s commercial offering has met the original requirements and more. Talkdesk customers use the service on a pay-as-you-go basis and manage it exclusively through their browser. The average setup time for a Talkdesk solution is about one hour. Talkdesk provides the features of hardware-based call centers and more: unlimited concurrent calls, IP phone, intelligent routing, recordings, prioritized queues, IVR, and outbound forwarding.

Talkdesk has seen particular traction among sales and support organizations based on its ability to integrate with a quickly growing list of more than 25 CRMs and other database systems, including Salesforce.com, Desk.com, Zendesk and SugarCRM. When a call comes into a Talkdesk-based call center, agents are automatically presented with customer information, complete with call history. Support reps can then add notes and forward calls to others within the organization or to outside numbers.

Paiva believes that Talkdesk is unique in offering a browser-only interface, easy setup, and affordable price. Talkdesk was built using Twilio Voice, SMS, and SIP. “With Twilio, we developed the first commercial version of Talkdesk in just two months. Only 20% of that time was related to integrating Twilio features; it could have easily been more than 50% with other products,” said Paiva.

New features on Talkdesk's roadmap include the release of SMS features that are currently in beta, use of SIP and IP phones, addition of MMS, and expansion to more countries using Twilio-powered phone numbers.

In addition, Talkdesk believes that Twilio allowed them to have record time-to-market because they simply didn’t need to worry about anything: no hardware or working with multiple carriers.


Talkdesk customers, including brands like Sidecar and Mindvalley, have saved substantial money and time by implementing Talkdesk into their business operations. A leading, San Francisco based fitness device company started using Talkdesk and added an additional office in Guatemala in less than a week with virtually no setup – just a bit of browser configuration. Another Talkdesk customer offers customer service in 25 countries and adds support for new countries in just a few minutes using Twilio-powered phone numbers.

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