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This document describes Twilio's old 2008-08-01 API. Please use the latest version.

REST API: Redirecting Live Calls

Realtime Call Redirection allows you to interrupt an in-progress call and have it begin processing TwiML from a new URL. This is useful for any application where you want to asynchronously change the behavior of a running call. For example: hold music, call queues, transferring calls, forcing hangup, etc.

Note: Redirecting a call initiated by a Dial verb will end that call. The main call segment will continue on, but the second leg will be disconnected.

POST to the Calls Instance Resource

POST Parameters:

The following properties are used in your POST to redirect a phone call:

Redirect POST Parameters
CurrentUrlRequiredA valid URL that returns TwiML
CurrentMethodOptionalThe HTTP method Twilio should use when requesting the above URL. Defaults to POST.


Redirect a running call to a new URL

POST /2008-08-01/Accounts/AC309475e5fede1b49e100272a8640f438/Calls/CA42ed11f93dc08b952027ffbc406d0868 HTTP/1.1
        <StartTime>Thu, 03 Apr 2008 04:36:33 -0400</StartTime>