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This document describes Twilio's old 2008-08-01 API. Please use the latest version.

TwiML TM Voice: Pause Verb

The <Pause> verb waits silently for a number of seconds.

Verb Attributes

The <Pause> verb supports the following attributes that modify its behavior:

Attribute NameAllowed ValuesDefault Value
lengthinteger > 01 second


The length attribute specifies how many seconds Twilio will wait silently.


<Pause> does not have any expected "noun" body values.

Nesting Rules

The <Pause> verb can be nested in the following elements

The following verbs can be nested within <Pause>

  • none


Example 1: Simple pause

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" ?>
    <Say>I will pause 10 seconds starting now!</Say>
    <Pause length="10"/>
    <Say>I just paused 10 seconds</Say>

This example demonstrates using <Pause> to wait between two Say verbs.