Changelog: Twilio Chat REST API

Change Logs

Updates and Changes to the Programmable Chat REST API will be posted by date the change was released on.

October 4, 2017


New Features
  • Channel subresources now accessible directly by channel UniqueName for all operations (GET, POST, DELETE)
  • Member now accessible through user Identity for all operations (GET, POST, DELETE)
  • Added Service instance webhook retry configuration options
  • Added media message capability for sending new Messages referencing Media resources
Changes and Fixes
  • Allow posting empty Message body from API
  • Minor bug fix for a rare race condition when adding channel members

August 23, 2017


  • Added new mutable parameters to Channels (Create and Update): DateCreated, DateUpdated, CreatedBy
  • Added new mutable parameters to Members (Create and Update): DateCreated, DateUpdated, LastConsumedMessageIndex, LastConsumptionTimestamp
  • Added new mutable api parameters to Messages (Create and Update): DateCreated, DateUpdated, From, LastUpdatedBy
  • Exposed new resource field for Messages: LastUpdatedBy

July 19, 2017


  • Attributes are now returned for LIST GETS in the /v2 for Channels, Messages and Users
  • If Attributes are not set, "{}" will be returned

May 2, 2017


  • /v2 of the Chat REST API Released.
  • The maximum page size for all LIST GETS in /v2 is now 100 (down from 1000). Note that in /v1 this is still 1000.
New Features and Capabilities
  • A new endpoint, Channels, has been added as a sub-resoure of the Users resource. This will return all the joined Channels for the specified User. The location for this endpoint is: /v2/Services/{Service sid}/Users/{User sid}/Channels
  • A new request parameter, Order, has been added to the Messages LIST GET endpoint. This parameter allows the latest Messages list in a Channel to be retrieved - order descending vs the default ascending. The valid options are asc and desc
  • A number of new configuration options have been added to the Services endpoint. These include options to change Service instance Limits, enable iOS Badge counts for new message pushes and more.


  • /v1 of the Chat REST API has been deprecated. Please switch to /v2 as soon as possible.
  • Webhooks V1 configuration field webhooks in Service endpoint has been removed.

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