Programmable Fax REST API

The Programmable Fax API allows you to send faxes and view historical fax records on your account.

Since Programmable Fax is currently in Beta, Twilio helper libraries do not have support for it in the main-line releases. To use the helper libraries with Fax, please switch to the "alpha" branch. Depending on which language you're using, the alpha version may be available via your language's package manager; otherwise you can grab the alpha branch from one of the repos under Twilio's GitHub organization.


All URLs in the reference documentation use the following base URL:


Like all other Twilio REST APIs, HTTP Basic Authentication should be used, passing your Account SID as the username and Auth Token as the password. If you are instead using Twilio API Keys, then use the API Key SID as the username, with API Key Secret as the password.

You can find your Account SID and Auth Token on the Console Dashboard.


The Faxes resource is the main resource you will interact with.

Each Fax instance resource has a single subresource, the Fax Media resource.

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