Programmable Wireless Beta

Programmable Wireless is a set of developer-first tools to deploy and manage fleets of wireless devices, powering connectivity for the Internet of Things and enabling highly customized communications use cases.

Programmable Wireless is currently available as a beta product.


Guides are step by step instructions on how to use individual components of Programmable Wireless.

Getting Online IoT Guides Communications Guides Sample Apps

Ordering and registering your first SIM 

APN configuration

Understanding Rate Plans

Understanding SIM statuses

Send and receive machine-to-machine SMS

Make and receive calls

Send and receive SMS

Implement voicemail

Raspberry Pi
Set up cellular USB modem

Send Commands to an Arduino device 

Postman Collection

Use Case Blueprints

Use Blueprints as a starting point to see how easy it is to add API-driven cellular connectivity to your IoT and enterprise projects.

Industrial Sensor
Fleet Tracker
Security Camera

Compatible hardware and supported frequencies and bands

Easy to use hardware that works on T-Mobile's USA LTE network. The cellular connectivity landscape differs around the world. Read the section on how to pick the right cellular module for optimal cellular connectivity in your market.


You can email the Programmable Wireless team directly at We'd love to help.

Need some help?

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