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Programmable Fax REST API

The Programmable Fax API allows you to send faxes, view historical faxes and media, and manage fax records in your account.


All URLs in the reference documentation use the following base URL:


HTTP Basic Authentication is used for authentication. Pass your Account SID as the username and Auth Token as the password (find them in the console).

If you are instead using Twilio API Keys, then use the API Key SID as the username, with API Key Secret as the password.


The Fax resource is the main fax resource.

Each Fax instance resource has a single subresource, the FaxMedia resource.

Helper libraries

Our helper libraries for C#, Java, Node.js, PHP, Python, and Ruby take care of the base URL and authentication for you. For the quickest path to development, use one of the helper libraries.

Getting started

Refer to our quickstart guide for a step by step introduction to Fax and an overview of commonly used features.

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