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Flex Work Force Optimization (WFO) FAQ

How do I get started with Flex Work Force Optimization (WFO)?

Flex WFO is a feature within Twilio Flex, though it's not coming out of box and in order to enable WFO you need to switch to a paid Flex plan, you can check more details on enablement here. WFO is receiving all the events that are generated by your TaskRouter workspace. While we populate many of data fields directly with values coming from TaskRouter, you can customize other data points as per your preferences. The best way to get started with customization is to take a look at the format of attributes we expect in tasks in this article.

How do I access Flex WFO?

You can access WFO reporting directly from Flex by clicking on Analytics icon ( More advanced analytical users can access Analytics Portal that provides extended analytical features.

How long does it take to enable Flex WFO?

It typically takes a few minutes to enable Flex WFO. You can check readiness status under page. Once WFO is ready you should see:

WFO Ready

Next step, following WFO activation, make sure you log out and log back into Flex to enable your user access to WFO. Read more on WFO Users Access here.

What Metrics are available through Flex WFO?

Out of the box, Flex WFO captures and reports a number of metrics including abandoned conversations, handled conversations, queue time, and more. We're updating built-in dashboards, reports and metrics list after every release. Please check Release Notes document to fing the most recent version of the document.

Are custom fields supported in WFO?

Flex WFO consumes TaskRouter events data. This means you need to pass custom data via task attribute updates, learn how this can be done in this article. users can add custom data task and worker attributes to collect the right data for their needs. You can set up to five Custom Conversation Measures (numeric values) and up to seven Custom Conversation Attributes (text values) to hold custom fields data next to conversations. Before passing a value through the custom field ensure there is not already an existing attribute or measure in Analytics Data Model that can host your values.

Are Agent Transfers Visible in Flex WFO?

Yes; Flex WFO supports multi-segmented conversations with cold transfers. It's possible to see a customer contact from entering the queue all the way through the end of last conversation with an agent.

Are multiple Twilio Accounts SIDs supported in a single dashboard?

Data from individual Twilio Accounts are isolated and can not be merged. If you are planning to switch to another account SID please plan and coordinate ahead of time to ensure new WFO instance is spun for the new Account in order not to lose data during transition.

Is it possible to listen to individual calls in WFO?

Yes. You can drill down into individual conversations and have them opened in Player. In order to be open to play conversation's recording, you need to pass the recording URL into task attribute.

Do you support emails and chats?

Our Analytics Data Model is ready for multiple communication channels including chat and email.

How regularly is data in WFO refreshed?

Default data refresh frequency is every hour at :00.

How can I tell when data was last refreshed?

You can check this information via Analytics Portal by navigating to Data -> Datasets. Upload Time column indicates the timestamp of last data upload. Please note that data refresh will only happen in case if new events were generated since the last upload.

Last Updated

Editor analytical role is required to access this tab.

Is there real-time analytics in WFO?

Flex WFO is providing a historical view at conversations enabling customers to aggregate data at different levels, identify short and long-term trends and better understand the whole picture of contact center. Opposite to operational reporting, WFO is providing analytical insights for processes and workflows streamlining in the contact center.

My question is not mentioned here. Who can help me?

Please reach WFO Support Team at, and we will be happy to assist with your inquiries.

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