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Deep linking

What are Deep Links?

Deep links are URLs that send a user to a specific destination in a mobile app or web experience. Deep linking enhances the overall user experience by directly linking content to the user, removing the need to search around and click through multiple levels of navigation before finding what you need. Twilio Frontline supports deep links.

Using Deep Links with Frontline

Use the frontline:// URI scheme to deep link into the Twilio Frontline mobile application.

For best results, properly URL-encode your query parameters. Unrecognized paths will fall back to the app main/default screen.

Open a conversation

You can open a specified conversation by the CONVERSATION_SID, for example: CHa5b4bc3621484ca99cfbbaaeb6e8200d.


Open a customer

You can deep link an individual customers details by specifying the CUSTOMER_ID. The customer_id is a unique property from Customer object that is returned from the CRM callback.

For the customer_id property, you can use any of the following characters:

  • Any letter from "a" to "z" (lowercase)
  • Any letter from "A" to "Z" (uppercase)
  • Any number in the range of 0 to 9
  • The "_" character
  • The "-" character

For more information on setting the CRM callback and accessing the customer_id, see the guide on configuring the "My Customers" list in Frontline.


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