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Configure Azure Active Directory with Frontline

Create an application

In the Microsoft Azure Portal, select or search for Azure Active Directory, then select Enterprise Applications from the left navigation bar.

Enterprise Applications create an app.png

Select + New Application and choose Create your own application. Give your Application a name.

App Name Azure AD.png

Click Create button.

Configure your application

Once your application has been created, select Single sign-on from the Application menu and pick SAML as the sign-on method.

Configure your application and pick SAML sign-on method.png

Select Basic SAML Configuration and click Edit.

Set up Single Sign-On with SAML.png

Edit settings as follow:

  • Set your Identifier (Entity ID) to Remember to replace JBxxx with your Twilio Realm SID, which you can find in the ​​Frontline Console SSO configuration page
  • Set your Reply URL (Assertion Consumer Service URL) to Remember to replace JBxxx with your Twilio Realm SID, which you can find in the Frontline Console SSO configuration page

Basic SAML Configuration.png

Click Save.

Under point 3 - SAML Signing Certificate, click edit and change the Signing Option to Sign SAML response and assertion. Leave SHA-256 as the Signing Algorithm.

SAML Signing Certificate Azure AD.png

Click Save.

Configure Claims

From the Enterprise Applications section of the Azure website, click the FrontlineSSO Setup app and click the Single Sign-On heading in the left navigation bar, then click Edit on Attributes & Claims.

Add the following claims using Attributes as the source.

Attributes and Claims.png
Click Save.

Save Application information and copy Application details.

SAML Signing Certificate and setup information.png

  1. Download the Base64 Certificate - this will be added to the Twilio Frontline Console as X.509 Certificate.
  2. Make a note of the Login URL - this is the Single Sign-On URL in the Frontline Console.
  3. Make a note of the Azure AD identifier - this is the Identity Provider Issuer in the Frontline Console.

Configure roles

In Azure Active Directory, navigate to App Registrations > All applications. Click on your app (i.e. FrontlineSSO Setup) and go to App roles heading in the left navigation bar.

Configure roles Frontline Setup .png

Click the User display name and add the Frontline-specific app role.

App Roles.png

Replace the display name to Agent, select Users/Groups as allowed member types, add agent as a value and a Frontline user as a description .

Click on the checkbox to enable this App role. Click Apply to save the changes.

Edit App role to agent.png

Ensure Users in Directory are assigned to the Application

Navigate back to your Application Overview page, select Users and Groups. Click + Add user/group section.

In the Add Assignment page, click Users and groups and select the user you want to assign to the application. Click Select.

Then, click Select a role and click on agent. Next, click the Select and Assign button.

Users and Groups Configuration.png

Please ensure that you have users assigned to your Application.

Configure Frontline with your new SAML credentials

Use the details gathered in the Save Application information and copy details section and add them to your SSO configuration on the Frontline Configure single sign-on page in the Twilio Console.

Configure Frontline with your new SAML credentials.png

Now, you should be able to log into Frontline using Azure Active Directory (Azure AD) as the Identity provider 🎉

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