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Configure Google SSO with Frontline

Before we connect Google to your instance of Frontline, we need to build a few things in the Google Admin Console to make things run more smoothly.

To log in as a Frontline user, you must pass the roles attribute to Frontline in the SAML. We’ll need to create this attribute ourselves.

  1. Navigate to the User Schema page in your Google Admin Console.
  3. In Category add Frontline
  4. Create the attribute below
  5. Click the Add button
Name Info Type Visibility No. of Value
Roles Text

Visible to user and admin

Single value

Add Custom Fields.png

Create a custom SAML app

Navigate to the Google Admin Console, click on Apps > Overview heading in the left sidebar. Then click on Web and mobile apps.

Google Admin dashboard Web and mobile apps.png

Click the Add App heading and in the dropdown select Add custom SAML app.

Add custom SAML app.png

Basic information for your custom app

Set your App Name, for example this might be FrontlineSSO, or a name of your choosing. You might optionally add an icon, too. Click the Continue button.

Custom SAML app details.png

Google idP Information

Make a note of the SSO URL, Entity ID and Certificate, you’ll need this information later. Click on the Continue button.

Google idP Information.png

Service provider details

Next, we need to set up the Service Provider Details. Frontline is the Service Provider in this instance.

Set the ACS URL to and replace the example Realm SID, JBxxx, with your own Realm SID, which you can find on the Frontline Console SSO configuration page.

In the same way, set the Entity ID to and replace the Realm SID (JBxxx) with your own Realm SID.




Entity ID

Signed Response


Name ID Format


Name ID

Basic Information & Primary email

Service provider details.png

Click the Continue button.

Attribute mapping

Now we need to add the attribute that will be passed from the SAML to Frontline. Create the required attribute (case sensitive) to pass to Frontline and map it to the appropriate field.

Google directory attributes

App attributes

Frontline > Roles roles


Click the Finish button.

Configure Frontline with your SSO settings

Grab the URLs and Certificate you noted in the Google IdP Information section and configure SSO in the Frontline Console SSO configuration page.

Configure Frontline with your SSO settings.png

Click the Save button.

Add the mapped role to your G Suite Users

Navigate back to the Google Admin Console, and click on Directory > Users. Select a user and click into their User Information section.

Scroll to the attribute name you gave before, in this example it’s Frontline, and click the edit icon to add agent as the role for the user.

Add agent as roles.png

Click on the Save button.

Enable the App for everyone or for a specific group

In the Google Admin Console, go to Apps > Web and mobile apps > FrontlineSSO (or to your application’s name) > User access. In the Service status section, select the ON for everyone option and click the Save button.

service status.png

Now, you should be able to log into Frontline using Google as the identity provider! 🎉


Error: app_not_enabled_for_user

The error above indicates that the service is not enabled for a user. To solve this problem, you need to enable the Service status to "ON for everyone", as it is described here.

70252 error code

70252 error message.png

For this error message, the solution is to update the User Information and add the agent role to the user, as it is described here.

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