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Call Tracking

Use Twilio to track the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns. Let's get started!

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What does this thing do?

This Django web application shows how you can use Twilio to track the effectiveness of different marketing channels.

Call tracking home page

This application has three main features:

  • It purchases phone numbers from Twilio to use in different marketing campaigns (like a billboard or a bus advertisement)
  • It forwards incoming calls for those phone numbers to a salesperson
  • It displays charts showing data about the phone numbers and the calls they receive

In this tutorial, we'll point out the key bits of code that make this application work. Check out the project README on GitHub to see how to run the code yourself.

Let's get started! Click the right arrow above to advance to the next code snippet.

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Search for available phone numbers

Call tracking requires us to search for and buy phone numbers on demand, associating a specific phone number with a lead source. This utility module uses the twilio-python helper library to search for phone numbers by area code and return a list of numbers that are available for purchase.

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Display available phone numbers

We display a form to the user on the app's home page which allows them to search for a new phone number by area code. At the view level, we use the utility module we created earlier to actually search for numbers, and display an HTML page to the user with a list of numbers they can choose to buy.

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Buy a phone number

Our purchase_phone_number utility function takes a phone number as its sole parameter and uses our Twilio API client to actually purchase one of the available phone numbers we searched for earlier.

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Set webhook URLs in a TwiML Application

When we purchase a phone number, we specify a voice application SID. This is an identifier for a TwiML application, which you can create through the REST API or account portal.

Creating a TwiML app

Associate a phone number with a lead source

Once we search for and buy a Twilio number, we need to associate it with a lead source in our database. This is the core of a call tracking application. Any phone calls to our new Twilio number will be attributed to this source.

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The LeadSource model

The LeadSource model associates a Twilio number to a named lead source (like "Wall Street Journal Ad" or "Dancing guy with sign"). It also tracks a phone number to which we'd like all the calls redirected, like your sales or support help line.

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The Lead model

A Lead represents a phone call generated by a LeadSource. Each time somebody calls a phone number associated with a LeadSource, we'll use the Lead model to record some of the data Twilio gives us about their call.

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Forward calls and create leads

Whenever a customer calls one of our Twilio numbers, Twilio will send a POST request to the URL associated with this view function (should be /call-tracking/forward-call).

We use the incoming call data to create a new Lead for a LeadSource, then return TwiML that connects our caller with the forwarding_number of our LeadSource.

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Get statistics about our lead sources

One useful statistic we can get from our data is how many calls each LeadSource has received. We use the Django ORM's annotate feature to make a list containing each LeadSource and a count of its Lead models. We create a custom model manager so that we can easily access this data in our views.

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Visualize our statistics with Chart.js

Back on the home page, we fetch call tracking statistics in JSON from the server using jQuery. We display the stats in colorful pie charts we create with Chart.js.

Call tracking charts

Where to next?

That's it! Our Django application is now ready to purchase new phone numbers, forward incoming calls, and record some statistics for our business.

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Thanks for checking out this tutorial! If you have any feedback to share with us, we'd love to hear it. Tweet @twilio to let us know what you think.

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