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How to Filter Super SIM Traffic

Traffic between your Super SIM-connected device and your application cloud passes through a component in the Twilio Mobile Core called a Packet Data Gateway (PGW). The PGW implements a Network Address Translation (NAT) function: it translates the IP address of all traffic as it passes through the Mobile Core. The Twilio Mobile Core’s PGWs use IP addresses from the following ranges when they forward traffic to the Internet and ultimately to your cloud.

If you need to configure your firewall (protecting your application cloud) to accept Super SIM traffic only from a known range of IP addresses, you should add these IP address ranges to your firewall’s allow list. Any IP traffic from other IP addresses can then be blocked from reaching your application servers.

You must allow all of the IP address ranges listed above. Twilio does not guarantee that a specific IP address is used for a specific Super SIM-connected device, so traffic may come from any of the ranges listed above.

The IP address ranges listed above can change. Twilio will give at least 30 days’ notice before making any change.

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