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Programmable Wireless: Cellular Network Configuration for Phones

If you are testing Programmable Wireless with an IoT device, please see the guide Cellular Network Configuration for IoT Devices.

Test connectivity using a cellphone

You’ve ordered and registered a Programmable Wireless SIM and now you want to connect a device to the Internet.

The quickest way to test all of Programmable Wireless’ features is to use an unlocked cellphone.

After you have inserted the Programmable Wireless SIM in the unlocked test cellphone, you need to configure your cellphone to connect to the cellular network. This means setting the Access Point Name (APN) the cellphone will use.

If you’ve never done this before, no problem: we’ll show you how.

Why use a cellphone?

Programmable Wireless provides a wide range of features for IoT and communications use cases. Using a cellphone to validate connectivity is a good first step because most phones provide a broad range of cellular frequency support, a web browser to test data, a dialer for voice, and a messaging app to test SMS.

Configure the APN

APNs are service-specific, you will need to enter the Programmable Wireless APN into your cellphone. The Programmable Wireless APN is:

If you know where to configure the APN on your cellphone, go ahead and make the change. If not, here are some guides.

That’s all you need to do to configure your device.

The Programmable Wireless APN does not require any authentication so you should leave the username and password fields blank.

Where do I set the APN on my iOS device?

The iOS UI changes in subtle ways with almost every release, so you may find the following guidance, for iOS 13, doesn’t entirely match the UI on your device. However, it should help you find the setting you need.

  • If your phone’s language setting is English (US/Canada), then go to Settings > Cellular > Cellular Data NetworK.
  • If your phone’s language setting is English (UK), then go to Settings > Mobile Data > Mobile Data Network.
  • For other languages, use the appropriate menu path.
  • Tap APN and enter under both Cellular/Mobile Data and LTE.
  • Leave the Username and Password fields blank.

You can find more information on setting the APN on an iPhone or iPad on this Apple support page.

What if I want to use my iPhone as a hotspot?

  1. Set the APN for a Personal Hotspot in the same location in your iPhone settings as described above for the Cellular or Mobile Data APN.
  2. Enter under APN.

You may experience issues if your standard APN (above) is not also set to

Where do I set the APN on my Android device?

Depending on which version of the Android OS is running on your phone, you set the APN by doing the following:

  1. Go to Settings > More networks > Mobile networks > Access point names.
  2. Tap the menu or + icon to edit an access point.
  3. Enter under APN.
  4. Tap your new Twilio APN to set it as your active APN.

I want to use my Android device as a hotspot

As with setting the APN, the specific path is dependent on the version of the Android OS your phone is using.

  1. Go to Settings > Mobile networks or Wireless & networks > More Tethering & portable hotspot > Set up Wi-Fi hotspot.
  2. Enter under APN.
  3. Tap Save.

Verify you’re connected to the network

You will know your APN is correctly set if you can send and receive data. Open your favorite web browser and navigate to You’re all set if you can load the web page. If the page doesn’t load, review the instructions above for setting the APN.

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