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Order and register a Programmable Wireless SIM

This guide will walk you through the process of ordering your first Programmable Wireless SIM and preparing it for use. Once you’ve performed these simple but essential setup tasks, you’ll be ready to try out your Programmable Wireless SIM in an IoT device.

We have a series of guides which you can follow to get specific IoT hardware development platforms connected to Twilio’s seamless global cellular network — just pick the guide that matches the platform you intend to use to prototype your own IoT hardware.

But that’s for later — the very first step is to obtain a Programmable Wireless SIM and get it ready for use.

Order a Programmable Wireless SIM

You request Programmable Wireless SIMs using the Twilio Console — just go to Orders to login, scroll down to Programmable Wireless and select the number of SIMs you require:

For your first order, you should opt for a SIM Starter Pack — or the Narrowband SIM Starter Pack if you want to try out our NB-IoT connectivity. These contain three multi-size SIM cards of the appropriate type which you can add to your own account or share with colleagues and collaborators.

You can also buy a Twilio Developer Kit for use with Programmable Wireless SIMs. These include everything you need, to get started with Twilio IoT, including a development board, a SIM card, and sensors. If you choose a Developer Kit, you don’t need to order a separate SIM.

What’s the difference between a SIM Starter Pack, a Multi-Size SIM Card, and Embedded SIM Pack?

SIM Starter Pack

A SIM Starter Pack contains three multi-size SIM cards (2FF/mini, 3FF/micro, and 4FF/nano) per pack. SIMs in a SIM Starter Pack are not pre-registered to a particular Twilio account and come with registration instructions so that they can be easily shared with other developers on your team.

You can get either Programmable Wireless SIMs used for 2G/3G/4G or Narrowband SIMs which gives you access to T-Mobile's US NB-IoT network (US only) in SIM Starter Packs.

The SIMs that come in a Starter Pack are identical to those you would receive if you ordered the Multi-Size SIM Cards. The only difference is that they do not come pre-registered to your account so you can share them across your team.

Multi-Size SIM Card

A multi-size SIM (2FF/mini, 3FF/micro, and 4FF/nano) card is pre-registered to your Twilio account and ready to configure when the order is shipped. The minimum order quantity is 10.

Embedded SIM Embedded SIMs are solderable SIMs (MFF2) that come in factory sealed reels of 100. They arrive pre-registered to your Twilio account and ready to configure when the order is shipped.

Prepare a Programmable Wireless SIM for use

Which of the following steps you need to follow depends on which Programmable Wireless SIM you ordered:

1. Enter the Registration Code

  1. Go to Internet of Things > Programmable Wireless > SIMs.
  2. Click the red + button and select Register a SIM.
  3. Enter the SIM’s registration code:
  4. Accept the Programmable Wireless Terms and Conditions to continue.
  5. Click the Register SIM Card button.

2. Choose a Unique Name

The unique name is a convenient way to identify your SIM in the Console and through the Programmable Wireless API.

  1. Enter a friendly name in the Unique Name field:
  2. Click Continue.

3. Create or choose a Rate Plan

A Rate Plan defines the capabilities and sets the restrictions of each SIM associated with the plan.

You can create and add a new Rate Plan to your account, or select an existing Rate Plan. If your account doesn’t have any Rate Plans yet, create one now.

  1. Click the red + button to open the Create a Rate Plan wizard.
  2. Make your selections accordingly:
  3. Click Continue after each step.
  4. Click Save to finish.

You can find more detailed information about Rate Plans in Understanding Rate Plans.

4. Activate your SIM

To complete the registration, you need to activate your SIM.

  1. Click Activate Now:

5. Set your device’s APN

Whichever IoT development hardware you’re using, you’ll need to set its Access Point Name (APN).

To do so follow these instructions.

Use your Programmable Wireless SIM

Your Programmable Wireless SIM is now ready to be used as the basis for your IoT device’s cellular connectivity.

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