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Usage and migration guide for Twilio's Node.js Helper Library 4.x

Deprecation notice: New functionality will only be added to the new library (Node Helper Library 4.x). The old library (3.x) is deprecated and Twilio will no longer provide bug fixes. Support might ask you to upgrade before debugging issues.

Version 4.x of the Twilio Node Helper Library is identical to version 3.x with only a few exceptions, and should require minimal or zero changes in your code to upgrade. Please see our upgrade guide for details. The upgrade guide breaks down the changes that you may need to make when upgrading twilio-node from 3.x to 4.x in your application.

If you are integrating Twilio with your Node.js application for the first time, you should skip directly to the installation page.

Node.js version support

Version 4.x of twilio-node supports the following runtimes:

  • Node.js 14
  • Node.js 16
  • Node.js 18

If you are running on Node.js 12 or older and cannot upgrade, you can install version 3.x of twilio-node instead.

TypeScript support

Version 4.x of twilio-node has been fully converted to TypeScript, and provides type definitions to speed up your development process. It is compatible with TypeScript version 2.9 and above.

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