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Twilio Sync for IoT: Quickstarts

Twilio's Sync for IoT brings credential management and Sync's proven real-time infrastructure to a new set of embedded platforms and devices. With Twilio Sync tracking your live state, keep your iOS, Android and web applications and dashboards apprised of updates in the field using flexible primitives such as Documents, Lists, Maps and Message Streams. Sync for IoT adds MQTT support on top of the Sync API, allowing any device which can support MQTT over TLS to plug into the Sync ecosystem.

We've collected a number of detailed quickstarts here for languages and IoT devices which will get you going with Sync for IoT in a minimum of time.

Access to Sync's MQTT support is currently by invite only. If you'd like to try what you see in these docs, sign up for the developer preview and the team at Twilio will get you onboarded as soon as possible.

Get Started with your Laptop

All you need for these quickstarts is a laptop with access to the internet. These quickstarts are the fastest way to develop an understanding of Sync for IoT and get started prototyping your application.

Get Started with IoT Hardware

For the ultimate low-power field solution, we've crafted a number of quickstarts and examples for various hardware platforms. You'll find code and instructions for a choice of Cellular and WiFi IoT devices, using the Arduino IDE as well as other desktop and cloud IDEs.

What's Next?

Got your infrastructure built and your LEDs blinking? We've also got a large collection of Guides and Tutorials for Sync's IoT support and other Twilio products.

You can find a detailed description of all of the Quickstarts concepts - and a lot more - in our API reference.

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