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Using Email and TaskRouter together | Appendix | Web Sequence Diagrams

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Using Email and TaskRouter together

title 2-way Email with TaskRouter

Customer->+Email API: Customer sends email
Email API->App: Email API webhooks your app \n server with JSON of email
App->Twilio: Look for open tasks from this sender
alt New Conversation
    App->Twilio: Create New Chat Channel
    App->Twilio: Add Customer as member to \nChannel with email as identity
    App->Twilio: Create Task w/ Channel id \nas attribute
    note over Twilio, Agent: 
        TaskRouter searches 
        for available agent 
    end note
    Twilio->+Agent: Reservation Request
    Agent->Twilio: Accept and Join Chat Channel
else Existing Conversation
    Twilio->App: Return task, extract chat \nchannel from attribute
    App->Twilio: Push Email as Message into Channel
    Twilio->Agent: MessageAdded
note left of Agent: Agent Replies
Agent->Twilio: add message to channel
Twilio->App: messaged added event
note over App: 
    If message added by agent
    pull contents of message
end note
App->Email API: send text of reply\n as Email to API
Email API->Customer:Customer receives email reply
note over Customer, Agent: Customer or Agent Ends Conversation
App<->Twilio: Store transcript of email thread \nin CRM by saving chat transcript
App->Twilio: Close Chat Channel
App->Twilio: Move task to wrapup
Agent->Twilio: Move task to complete

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