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TwilioClient Class Reference

Deprecation Notice

Please note that the Twilio Client iOS SDK is superseded by the newer Twilio Programmable Voice iOS SDK, which supports iOS 10 and uses Apple VoIP Services push notifications for signaling incoming calls.

Please see our announcement for background information on this change and consult the Programmable Voice SDK documentation for technical details.


We’ve made it easier to find and resolve issues in your Twilio Client iOS application with more detailed logging:

[[TwilioClient sharedInstance] setLogLevel:TC_LOG_DEBUG];

The SDK automatically collects and sends call quality analytics to Twilio. This feature is enabled by default. To configure:

[[TwilioClient sharedInstance] setMetricsEnabled:YES];


Selector Description Type
version Twilio SDK version. Property
+sharedInstance Obtain singleton instance. Class Method
+version Twilio SDK version. Class Method
-setLogLevel: Set log level. Instance Method
-setMetricsEnabled: Enable or disable the collection and transmission to Twilio of call quality analytics. Instance Method



Twilio SDK version.

@property (nonatomic, readonly) NSString* version


Twilio SDK version. The version string is in the following format:

Class Methods


Obtain singleton instance.

+ (id)sharedInstance

Return Value

Singleton instance.


Obtain singleton instance.


Twilio SDK version.

+ (NSString *)version

Return Value

String value of the Twilio SDK version, for example, 1.2.8.

Instance Methods


Set log level.

- (void) setLogLevel:(TCLogLevel)level


Name Description
level Log level to set.


Set log level. Available log levels in order of verbosity: TC_LOG_OFF, TC_LOG_ERROR, TC_LOG_WARN, TC_LOG_INFO, TC_LOG_DEBUG, TC_LOG_VERBOSE.


Enable or disable the collection and transmission to Twilio of call quality analytics.

- (void)setMetricsEnabled:(BOOL)enabled


Name Description
enabled YES to enable; NO to disable.


The Twilio Client SDK will gather call quality analytics data from active connections and send it to Twilio. This is used to help troubleshoot call quality issues. This feature is enabled by default. The content/media of calls is not recorded nor sent to Twilio as part of this feature.

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